Velvet Finishes Furniture Paint Prep and Finish Kit easy


Velvet Finishes Furniture Paint Prep and Finish Kit easy

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Now we have simplified the process of ordering. 

Add the PREP & FINISH KIT of 8 oz READY and 8 oz PROTECT to your cart and Voila’ you’re ready to choose your COLOUR.  We are all about simplicity. 


What is READY?

Prepare your furniture with Velvet Finishes READY. READY is a no sand prep product for painting with Velvet Finishes. This bottle of magic removes dirt and grime, deglosses, and prepares your piece for a fabulous finish.


What is PROTECT?

Our PROTECT product is a specially formulated, commercial grade, non-yellowing satin polyacrylic. It has a low matte sheen finish, which is a slightly higher sheen than COLOUR. Use our commercial grade, non-yellowing polyurethane for extra protection from life’s bumps and bruises. PROTECT adds a layer of protection between the paint surface and the world.

Check out our sanding pads and wood filler for those projects that may need a tad bit of extra TLC.   

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