Velvet Finishes is the easiest to apply and most durable paint available without hiring a professional. DIY'ers worldwide fall in love with Velvet Finishes.  


-Little to NO Prep

-No brush strokes and helps hide imperfections

-No fading and No yellowing

-Waterbased and LOW VOC

-Made by women in the USA


Read more below on how to use Velvet Finishes to make your painting project so incredibly beautiful and easy!

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It is as simple as



READY is magic in a bottle. This product is a cleaner and primer in one. It cleans away years of dust and grime so that the paint can adhere as it should. A simple spray and wipe with a lint-free cloth and you're ready to paint. READY takes the sanding out of furniture painting! 

COLOUR is available in more than 39 heavily pigmented choices. The sciences of our COLOURS offer excellent coverage while self-leveling, so brush strokes vanish as the paint cures. With fast drying times, adding additional layers of paint when needed allows you to complete your project quickly. Our product is water-based so bleeding is a breeze. As for protection, we have you covered. COLOUR has a top coat built in but we also offer additional protection for that extra needed protection. 

If we had a product that wore a cape, it would be PROTECT. NON-yellowing and fade-resistant. Safe for the dining room but tough enough for the hall table. One brushed-on layer of PROTECT and you're good as, well PROTECT.