Enhance Clear Glaze


Enhance Clear Glaze

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The Enhance Glaze products are used to give a painted piece depth and dimension by bringing in an additional color. ENHANCE CLEAR GLAZE: If the DARK GLAZE is not the perfect color for your project, we offer an ENHANCE CLEAR GLAZE. ENHANCE CLEAR GLAZE can be mixed with any paint COLOUR to create a unique glaze color.

Apply ENHANCE GLAZE with The Reviver brush, or other high quality brush, and wipe off with a cheesecloth or other lint-frees cloth, allowing the GLAZE to collect in grooves and recesses.

ENHANCE GLAZE acts as a sealer for your projects and adds a slight level of shine. No need to use the PROTECT if the ENHANCE GLAZE is used.

Kellie’s Tip: With my lazy painter ways you will rarely find me measuring when I mix COLOUR to the CLEAR GLAZE. When I’m being a mixologist, if I want the glaze color more intense, I add more paint and if I want it less, I add more glaze. I try not to make big work of it all. BUT!!!! If you are doing a large piece…measure. You do not want to end up with different glaze colors on your piece because you had to mix a second batch and didn’t know your ratios.


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