Enhance Dark Glaze


Enhance Dark Glaze

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The Enhance Glaze products are used to give a painted piece depth and dimension by bringing in an additional color. ENHANCE DARK GLAZE is fairly close to the gorgeous color of TIMELESS, a rich neutral gray. It is beautiful over every COLOUR in the VF line. It’s even beautiful over the TIMELESS paint COLOUR, as it just gives a Timeless painted piece, a little more depth.

Apply ENHANCE GLAZE with The Reviver brush, or other high quality brush, and wipe off with a cheesecloth or other lint-frees cloth, allowing the GLAZE to collect in grooves and recesses.

ENHANCE GLAZE acts as a sealer for your projects and adds a slight level of shine. No need to use the PROTECT if the ENHANCE GLAZE is used.

Kellie’s Tips: It is important to remove any excess GLAZE before it begins to dry, as the rubbing may pull off the paint. Basically, the GLAZE will reactivate the paint. If, after you glaze, you would like the glaze to look darker or you want more glaze in a particular area, let your first coat dry thoroughly. If you glaze again while the glaze is still tacky, you will pull it all off when you use your rag.


Weight 32 lbs


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