READY is magic in a bottle.


READY is primer and cleaner in one. Use this product to wipe away years of dust and nasty age that prevents the paint from adhering as it surface. READY takes the sanding out of furniture painting.  


With more than 39 heavily pigmented choices, finding the shade that you feel matches your project's energy is a click away. 
The science of our COLOURS offers excellent coverage while self-leveling, so brush strokes vanish as the paint cures. With fast drying times, adding additional coats when needed allows you to complete projects quickly. Our product is water-based, so blending is a breeze by adding water with a spray bottle or directly to the product. As for protection, we have you covered. Velvet Finishes has built-in top coat protection, but we also offer one extra layer for life's little bumps and bruises.


Velvet Finishes PROTECT. If one of our products wore a cape, this would be it. It is, for sure, our superhero! 
Safe for dining room tables yet formulated for high-traffic areas like entry tables. This product adds one extra layer of protection to your project after the final coat has cured. PROTECT can also be used as a clear sealant on raw wood to prevent stains and water rings.  

Velvet Finishes understands that we all love some character, especially this crew. We have developed a few small items we enjoy that ENHANCE your projects.