“Vivacious” by Velvet Finishes energizes spaces with its exuberant, life-filled pink hue. This low VOC, non-toxic paint is easy to apply, with a built-in primer/top coat, ensuring a stunning finish for interior projects.

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Vivcious: Attractively energetic, full of life, ebullient, exuberant, blithesome

PRODUCT FEATURES: Velvet Finishes Furniture Paint is a specially formulated, low VOC and non-toxic, water based paint. Our READY-COLOUR-ENHANCE system is a no sand, no wax formula, guaranteed to make your projects easy to complete, with an absolutely stunning velvet-like finish.

Velvet Finishes paint colours apply with no precision required. Brushstrokes literally disappear, so the direction of the application is inconsequential. Our paint provides incredible adhesion and durability.

Built-in primer and top coat
Easy to enhance and distress
Dries quickly
Needs several days of cure time
Does not emit harmful chemicals or odors
Interior use only
Made in the USA
Many enhancement options to fully customize your projects including glazes and metallics
A quart of Velvet Finishes paint covers roughly 120 square feet of the surface. The formula for determining your paint quantity needs is simple.

Weight 39.6 lbs

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