Exotic by Velvet Finishes Furniture Paint

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EXOTIC: alluring and mysterious. A dazzling shade of coral.

Velvet Finishes paint offers several key features that make it a convenient and versatile choice for interior projects:

1. Container Size Options: The paint is available in three container sizes: 32oz, 16oz, and 8oz, allowing you to choose the amount that suits your project.

2. Built-in Primer and Top Coat: Velvet Finishes paint includes a built-in primer and top coat, saving you time and effort by eliminating the need for separate priming and sealing steps.

3. Brush Strokes Disappear: The paint is formulated in a way that brush strokes tend to disappear, reducing the importance of the application direction. This feature allows for easier and quicker painting.

4. Bright and Vibrant Finish: Velvet Finishes paint provides a bright and vibrant finish, adding a pop of color to your furniture or interior surfaces.

5. Easy to Enhance and Distress: The paint is designed to be easily enhanced or distressed, allowing you to create unique finishes and textures according to your preferences.

6. Quick Drying Time: Although the paint dries quickly, it’s important to note that it needs several days to cure properly before use. Allowing sufficient cure time ensures the best results and durability.

7. Low V.O.C. Formulation: Velvet Finishes paint is specially formulated with low volatile organic compounds (V.O.C.), meaning it doesn’t release harmful chemicals or produce a strong smell during application.

8. Interior Use Only: This paint is suitable for interior projects, such as furniture refinishing, decorative accents, or wall painting.

9. Made in the U.S.A.: Velvet Finishes paint is proudly made in the United States, ensuring quality and supporting local manufacturing.

10. Compatibility with Special Effects: You can easily update your furniture projects by using Velvet Finishes paint for a fabulous color finish. Additionally, the paint can be paired with glazes, metallics, and other special effects to create unique visual effects and textures.

11. Coverage: A quart of Velvet Finishes paint covers approximately 120 square feet of surface area, giving you an idea of how much paint you’ll need for your project.

To determine the amount of paint needed for your project, you can follow the simple formula provided:

1. Measure the width and height of your item in inches.
2. Multiply the width and height of all sides to be coated, including the top.
3. Add up the totals from step 2.
4. Divide the total by 144 to determine the total square feet you will need to cover with paint.

By following these steps, you can estimate the quantity of Velvet Finishes paint required for your specific project.


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