The Power of Women and Color

In honor of Women’s history month, this lady is one to acclaim!

Catherine Evans Whitener (August 10, 1880 – June 2, 1964)

It started with the desire for COLOUR and design. People have forever loved to design and colour their homes with beautiful things. Regardless of what is happening in the world, people have forever needed to express who they are with colour. A documentary by S.T.E.P.S. covers a brief history of Mrs. Whitener, and tells a story of her visiting a friend’s home and seeing a chanel bedspread for the first time. With passion, Mrs. Whitener trained herself to make these colourful spreads, first by hand and then with tufting machines. After several years of learning the trade and teaching others, Mrs. Whitener had created a legendary and wildly successful industry based in COLOUR. The bedspreads were sold and shipped, and people traveled from all over to see and buy these beautiful works of art that they could decorate their homes with.

The landscape of the southeastern U.S. during the Great Depression was now adorned with bright hues of colour and patterns that people had longed for. Not only did the beautiful spreads brighten the life of Mrs. Whitener, but it also brightened the life of our little town. Side note: the tufted bedspread industry was the genesis of the carpet industry!

Colour inspires us every day. From the moment we wake and decide what colour we will wear, to deciding to FINALLY paint that old antique chest JUST the right colour we picked….because that’s how inspired we are! Colour can do that!!! Colours are mood, colours are attitude, colours are words, and most importantly, COLOUR is POWER.

SO, what are you going to do with your power? Your colour is waiting!

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