How to Apply Velvet Finishes Protect

The Velvet Finishes product product is a non-yellowing, no odor, commercial grade polyacrylic. Quick and easy to apply, we recommend this for dining tables and cabinetry. It’s just a good way to protect against life’s little bumps and bruises.


Well I’m back it’s Kelly Smith author of Design Asylum Blog and creator of Velvet Finishes paint.

If you watched us redot his little flea market find beauty you learned about the wet distressing technique so what I’m going to do today is I’m going to talk about our protect product which is our poly.

I’m going to show you how easy it is to poly. Now our protect comes in a 16-ounce container and there’s a couple different ways that you can put it on. I’ve poured mine up into something smaller you can see the size that’s sitting down here and what I’m going to do is I’m simply going to pour it out and I’m going to thin it out with my foam brush.

Now you can put this on with a bristle brush. There’s several different ways that you can do this but I found that this is the easiest and the quickest. This is a lazy girls way. Again as with all our products quick work time don’t let it take too long to get it all spread out because you don’t want it to get tacky. See how easy this goes on and you can see it has a slight amount of color to. It dries completely clear.

This is commercial grade non-yellowing acrylic based easy to use. And I’m done — is that not simple. So while I’ve got some loaded up I’m going to go around my corners. It will look streaky if you do not use enough. You don’t want big drips running everywhere but you don’t want to just load it up so that you have such a small amount that you can leave streaks. I’m gonna go ahead and do the legs. Sometimes I don’t do legs even when I do the top but we’re going to pretend like there’s little boys in this house. And that they’re rough.

So we’re just going to hit the legs. And all this does is it gives a extra layer of protection. The Velvet Finishes paint dries really hard. It cures well but you never know what life’s little bumps and bruises are gonna do.

Check it out we’re done. It’ll be dry in a few hours. So this is how you use the protect. Easy, simple. If you have a dining room table I definitely recommend doing it. Other than that the paint finishes great on its own. But if there’s a piece that needs it use it.

So be sure to check out the Velvet Finishes website. All of our social media links are there you can tweet to me we can re-pin we can Facebook together. Follow the Design Asylum blog and definitely subscribe to the YouTube channel for more videos.

So I hope that you will let Velvet Finishes color your world.

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