Achieving the “Stained Look” with Velvet Finishes

Kelly Smith, the creator of Velvet Finishes Paint, provides a tutorial on creating a stained look on rough cut wood using her paint products. She details the process of mixing black, brown, and white paint with water to achieve a textured, authentic look. She emphasizes the importance of using water to allow the wood grain to show through and to adjust the paint’s thickness. She also encourages experimentation with different color combinations and techniques.


Hi there, everybody. I’m Kelly Smith with Design Asylum Blog and creator of Velvet Finishes Paint. In today’s video, I’m going to teach you how to take this simple process and turn velvet finishes into the look of stain.

This is what we did on the wall that’s behind me. And it’s so simple. All you have to do is use water with the paint. So I’ve got a couple of samples of wood, and I’m going to use my luxurious, which is the black, and I’m going to mix it with prestigious, the brown, and a little bit of minimalistic, which is the white.

Now, all these have already been opened, so my seals are gone. And all you need with this is your paintbrush and your water. So literally, all you have to do to get this look is have some. Rough cut wood.

And we actually were able to get this for free from a lumber mill. This is actually a byproduct of what it is that they do at the mill. So we use these pieces to create our wall behind us. I’ve got wet just water on my brush, dip it in a little bit of the luxurious, the black, and I start painting.

When you use water, it allows the grain of the wood to show through. And this piece in the back here, you can see where the saw has made cuts in it and everything. And I love all that texture and all that look.

So we’re going to just keep watering it down so that all of those things show through. I think that’s what makes our wall look so pretty in the back. So, okay, I got a little bit of black on here, and can you see the grain showing through?

So what I’m going to do is just get a little bit of brown. Not a lot. You don’t need a lot of paint. And I’m just going to put it on just like this little bit of black. Now remember, my brush is wet.

I’m going to hold it up so you can see it better. And what I feel like mixing the colors does is it gives it a more authentic look, and it’s not just so flat. So I’m going to get a little more black.

This is super easy if it’s too thick in one place. Remember, velvet finishes is a water based paint. So all you got to do is add a little bit of water and it’s if it gets too thin, just grab more paint.

All right, so here’s our first one. You can see how the brown works great with the black, how it looks good. If it was too much brown for you, then all you do is just keep working it, go back over it and.

In the black and just work it down. It’s so easy. So on this next one, I was going to show you what the white does. Now, on the wall, I experimented with a lot of the colors. I used the baroque, the dark green, the turquoise.

You might can see those colors coming through. But I thought what was the prettiest was actually the brown and the white. The opulent looked good too, but the minimalistic and the white I thought was really nice.

I would say this is sort of like a dry brushing technique, except for the fact that your paintbrush is wet. But you don’t want to use a lot of paint, especially when you’re doing the mixing part. Just makes this beautiful gray color.

And this would also be super easy for making the very popular gray wash and the driftwood look by combining the three colors, doing the brown and the black. But you can see where this is going and how that white can smooth out and be really pretty.

You could also get this look with opulent too. So I just love how this looks super easy, super quick. All you got to have is water and your paint and a paintbrush. So be sure to sign up for our YouTube channel.

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