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Velvet Finishes

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Velvet Finishes Sanding Sponges are great for sanding wood, paint, metal, or drywall. This sponge is made with durable, flexible foam. The conventional shape makes it easy to hold and allows you to sand flat, contoured, or irregular surfaces.  Sponges are made to be used wet or dry and may be used repeatedly.  Rinse the sponge once the grit seems to be ineffective and start sanding your area once again.  Hang the sponge to dry if possible.  

With Velvet Finishes, sanding is not required to prep your surface.  Simply spray READY, wipe down and apply COLOUR.  

For projects that have had a life with oil based paints and or oil treatments, it is suggested that a LIGHT sanding is recommended prior to first coat of Colour.  

For the best sanding results, sand with the grain of the surface and work through a sequence of grits, from coarse to fine.  Check out or three pack so you will have all the tools you will need.