Courtney Wafzig @zigandcompany Highlight

Courtney Wafzig @zigandcompany Highlight

Posted by Amee Combs on 13th Jul 2022

July is the month we fill with celebrations and fireworks, claiming who we are because our freedom has allowed us that GOD-given right. Seeing women take that same privilege and utilize it in their im … read more

SPRING into a new project

Posted by Amee Combs on 20th Jun 2022

As spring began to emerge this year, all around I was seeing people sprucing up the exteriors of their homes. So I felt inspired to join in on the fun! Since buying a home in January of last year, I … read more
The HAPPIEST Furniture Paint Ever!

The HAPPIEST Furniture Paint Ever!

Posted by Betsy Snyder, Velvet Finishes Marketing Team on 23rd May 2022

This piece is a 50+ year old family heirloom that was built by my grandfather, with walnut that was felled on our ancestral farm probably around 1965. He called it the “credenza”, and while he built … read more

The Power of Women and Colour

Posted by Velvet Finishes on 8th Mar 2022

In honor of Women's history month, this lady is one to acclaim!Catherine Evans Whitener (August 10, 1880 – June 2, 1964)It started with the desire for COLOUR and design. People have forever loved to d … read more